Out of the following five questions:A) Pick one to respond as a short answer in

Out of the following five questions:A) Pick one to respond as a short answer in the following range: 200-250 words.The explanation has to be sound and related to the course content. About the explanation: A thorough and good explanation gets 6 marks; if it’s a bit too general/broad, from 5 to 4 marks; if it’s vague 3 to 2 marks; and if it’s slightly or not connected to the course 1 to 0 marks. You need to show the word count, if not, 1.0 marks will be deducted. B) Pick one to respond as a short essay in a range of words: 350-400 words. You will structure the essay in three parts (350-400 words) (you need to show the word count, if not, 1.0 marks will be deducted):1) Introduction (4%): You will explicitly state your answer to the question (do not be vague or general) by indicating the points or aspects that you will expand on the Body. In other words, you will lay out explicitly the organization of the essay.2) Body (8%): This part should include the details for your answer and supporting material. Make sure that the Body follows the organization you explained in the Introduction, which will facilitate the essay flow and coherence. You must provide references for any ideas, arguments or wording from sources used with in-text citations (APA or any other appropriate style). This only applies when you make use of supporting material such as readings from the course, but if it is linked to a particular Lecture slide, you do not have to cite it (please, do not use Wikipedia, encyclopedias or websites). REMEMBER: Please paraphrase, do not copy or do a simple paraphrase of the text from the lecture slides, which could lead to a case of plagiarism.3) Conclusion (3%): This is the part where you explicitly state the connections between all the points made in your essay. You will provide the most important and relevant points from your Body and summarize them here. Do not just repeat the same sentences.4) Bibliography: List of the sources cited in the text (APA or any other appropriate style). This part is not included in the word count. This part is not marked but is just a requirement to avoid any risk of plagiarism.*The word count includes all the text from parts 1) to 3), including in-text citations.QuestionsQ1. Why are zoogeographic boundaries approximately related to latitudinal zonation? Would these boundaries variate according to Milankovitch Cycles?Q2. How is the Panama Isthmus relevant in explaining the distortion of latitudinal zonation of the three major oceanic provinces (in shallow waters)?Q3. What is the differential role of climatic and tectonic factors in explaining oceanic biogeographic provinces (i.e., ecoregions)? Use the following: Coastal Benthic, Mesopelagic, Lower Bathypelagic, Abyssal, and Hadal.Q4. Is the maximum geographic extension of the Mammuthus primigenius an exemplary case of the historical interaction of zonal and azonal factors? Why?Q5. What is a lesson from studying Zonality and Azonality in the context of Biogeography that could be relevant for Conservation Biology?
Requirements: 700

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