this short paper, you will research and analyze job descriptions in order to det

this short paper, you will research and analyze job descriptions in order to determine which components are most important when an agency advertises to fill a position. You will demonstrate your ability to see the connections between the structure, culture, and budgeting issues in order to articulate the components of an appropriate and effective job description.Prompt: After reading the assigned sections from Nurses with Disabilities: Professional Issues and Job Retention and searching for a couple of current nonprofit agency administrator job descriptions in different organizations, submit a short paper, at least 1 page, in which you compare at least two job descriptions you discovered. When reviewing job descriptions, consider the following critical elements for inclusion in your short paper.INCLUDE THE 2 JOB DESCRIPTIONS.Must submit 2 job descriptions and compare them. 1. Program Coordinator: Miracles ProgramSeeking Program Coordinator for Miracles Program Houston. This position is a frontline change-maker in the lives of older kids in foster care. Directly coordinating activities that put foster kids and potential adoptive parents in the position to get to know the older children.2. Client Response Team Member:Looking for a Social Service Team Member to assist Harris County residents in need of food and financial support.Please cite and reference Nurse With Disabilities Professional Issues and job Retention, as stated in the rubric.
Requirements: 1 page

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