The topic selection was Adolph HitlerThe next step in the course project is to d

The topic selection was Adolph HitlerThe next step in the course project is to develop a script that you will use to record the narration for your presentation. Include headings for the slide number. Your final presentation should have 5 slides (not including the title slide, conclusion slide, or references slide). Here are a few tips:Address all requirements for the content.
Balance the amount of content for each slide. If there is too much content on one slide, try to break it up into two slides or consider where you can be more concise with your wording.
Include citations where needed (e.g., quoted material and paraphrased/summarized ideas from a source that are not common knowledge). Note: When you get to the recording phase – you will need to read your in-text citations aloud, but you do not need to read your references slide
These are the scholarly resources to use:
Putri Rama, D. (2017). The Revolution Of Social Institution German
Society Against Jewish Community Structure In The Era Of Adolf Hitler In
Biography Of Anne Frank (Doctoral dissertation, Universitas Darma
Persada). Bosworth, R.
J. B. (2021). 1. Mussolini and the ghost of Adolf Hitler. In Mussolini
and the Eclipse of Italian Fascism (pp. 8-31). Yale University Press.Brenner, I.
(2018). Shame and murder-suicide: Adolf Hitler and the Nazi cult of death.
In Shame (pp. 71-90). Routledge. Graver, H.
P. (2018). Why Adolf Hitler spared the judges: judicial opposition against the
Nazi state. German Law Journal, 19(4), 845-878. Hehnen, M.
(2019). Adolf Hitler. In Psychologie des Guten und Bösen (pp.
205-219). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Williams, S.
M. (2019). The Celebrification of Adolf Hitler. Celebrity Studies, 10(2),
300-304.Jones, A.
(2020). Confronting the Shadow: Psychoanalytic Accounts of Adolf Hitler and the
Belief in Pure Evil. Zhu, S.
(2021). The War Guilt Clause and the Rise of Adolf Hitler. European
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(3), 41-44.
Requirements: 3 pages

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