This assignment will consist of you designing an office space for a dentist. Spa

This assignment will consist of you designing an office space for a dentist. Space requirements will be provided including approximate square footages and recommended arrangements. This project is due at the beginning of Week 11, each week additional items/milestones will be assigned.Project Program:You are designing a dental office for one Dentist that will have a full-time receptionist and one part-time dental assistant. The dentist will perform routine dental services and occasional X-ray’s. The Dentist needs a private office for consultations with patients. The dental office shall accommodate six patients in the patient area (6 operatories). A space should be provided for the sterilization of medical equipment and an additional space is required for the processing of lab work. A small break room should also be provided for staff for personal storage and small meal preparation. The receptionist needs a desk and quick access to medical files. Two Handicap accessible restrooms should also be provided for staff and patient usage. Storage should also be provided for misc. items.Required spaces and approximate square footages:Foyer/Entry Square Footage Not Specified
Reception and Waiting area ~315 Square Feet
Dentist Office ~90 Square Feet
(2) Restrooms ADA Accessible
X-ray Room ~50 Square Feet
Lab Room ~50 Square Feet
Sterilization Room ~75 Square Feet
(6) Operatories ~100 Square Feet (Each)
Mechanical Room ~50 Square Feet
Storage Room ~50 Square Feet
Consultation Room ~50 Square Feet
Project requirements:Exterior Walls shall be 8”
Interior walls shall be 4”
Plumbing walls shall be 6”
Place all doors and windows with appropriate door and window tags
Add equipment and fixtures (you may use blocks from the example file)
Add room names and numbers
Place items on correct layers (per the attached layer guidelines)
Be sure to use the provided project template
Use the reference file as a guide……
Requirements: AutoCAD

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