Questions to answer in its own paragraph1. Explain the concept of federalism. (1

Questions to answer in its own paragraph1. Explain the concept of federalism. (1-2 sentences)2. In section 3.4, competitive federalism is discussed (in the video it is called cooperative). Please explain how the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Shelby County v. Holder are example of competitive federalism and why. (5-7 sentences)3. Name 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage to federalism in the act and Supreme Court decision. (2-4 sentences)be at least one paragraph, 5-7 sentences, per question set (meaning numbers 1,2,3, etc should be about one paragraph in length each)demonstrate a clear engagement and understanding of the course material, critical application of the concepts or termsshould include clear grammar and sentence structurecite any evidence used from the text or outside source (this is important, if you don’t cite, will report it to me as plagiarism)be typed, Calibri and 12-point font.You will get 5 points for completing the assignment following the above guidelines.You will get 3 points if there are 1-3 missing elements from the above guidelines.You will get 0 points if there are more than 4 missing elements from the above guidelines.Questions1. Explain how the balance of power between national and state governments shifted with the drafting and ratification of the Constitution. Which two fiscal policies exert control over state policy decisions?2. What are the primary types of municipal government and the three basic types of county government? What are the differences between county and municipal governments in terms of their responsibilities and funding sources?3. Watch the following video clip. on what you learned about the Governor and their role, do you think Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall is valid or do you agree that this is a Republican led effort to get the democratic leader out of office?Attachments areaPreview YouTube video California governor Newsom facing recall election l GMA
Requirements: 3 pages

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