Part II – Interview and Report Interview the special educator who works with the

Part II – Interview and Report Interview the special educator who works with the student you observed in Part I. Use the following questions to guide your interview (as well as any other questions you may want to include): What are the learning, behavioral, and social/emotional characteristics of the student observed?
What are the student’s present levels of educational performance?
What types of annual IEP goals does the student have?
What types of assessments are used to provide you with information on the student’s strengths and needs?
Are there any functional skill implications for the student? If yes, how are they addressed?
How do you teach this student? What types of accommodations do you use with this student?
How is technology being utilized with this student? What technologies or assistive technologies may be beneficial or appropriate for this student?
What instructional considerations need to be made for reading, written expression, and mathematics?
What are the student’s behavior management, health care, and self-management needs? What are some suggested strategies for each?
How do you incorporate family and community support in working with this student?
What are some transition planning strategies being used or considered for this student?
Write a 2-page educational report based on the information from the student’s IEP, your observation, and the teacher interview. Ensure you include the following: Brief description of student
Present levels of performance (academic)
Types of IEP annual goals (provide examples if teacher provides)
Educational service delivery system
Instructional considerations and accommodations or modifications in place
Level of engagement, motivation to learn, and behavior considerations
Technology utilized or recommended
Level of family support
Transition planning elements in place or projected
Requirements: 2 pages

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