I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me learn.Applicatio

I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me learn.Application of CQ In this section, you will use the 4 CQ capabilities to think through the best way to interact
with your friend and share God’s story with them.
CQ Drive: What is motivating you to effectively share God’s story with your friend?
CQ Knowledge: Discuss how you will use your knowledge of your friend’s cultural value
orientations, cultural systems, and elements of communication to share the gospel
effectively with your friend. (Which of their cultural value orientations should you keep
in mind as you try to communicate with them?)
CQ Strategy: Discuss how you will craft your story to meet your friend where they are.
(Are there any themes or threads found throughout the Grand Narrative that you may use
to focus your presentation which would most speak to your friend according to their
culture and worldview? What part of the Grand Narrative do you think they will relate to
most based on what you know about their cultural systems and cultural value
CQ Action: How might you need to adjust your communication, your approach to the
conversation, and your language or tone in order to best communicate the gospel
message? Outline of God’s Story
Prepare to share the Gospel by outlining the Story of God you would share. As we have
discussed the Grand Narrative of scripture, we have covered many different topics and stories
from the Bible, but there are several key elements which must be included in your story. Here is
a list of what should be included in your story (these elements have been organized according to
the outline of the story in God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts.
Requirements: docx

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