I’m working on a business report and need guidance to help me learn.Coursework T

I’m working on a business report and need guidance to help me learn.Coursework Title: Individual Emails HR TasksYou work as a HR Advisor for a private tuition company offering support for professional exams in the field of law, accounting and HR. On Monday morning, you arrive at your desk and discover a range of issues that need to be addressed. Your task is to respond to each of the issues ensuring you rely on the law to support your overall advice.Task Details/Description: Email 1: From the Business Manager Hi, Two years ago, I took on some new interim staff for marking scripts. I only needed these staff members to mark November, March, May and September sittings. I wanted to give myself as much flexibility as possible and therefore entered a term in the agreement saying, “there is no mutual obligation to provide and accept work”. They were not entitled to any other benefits associated with a contract of employment and only paid for work done. This way it was clear these individuals would not be treated like employees. I will accept this arrangement has gone on longer than I expected and the same individuals, almost three years on are still being used in this capacity. I do expect them, to advise me on their availability and I also check a sample of their marking to ensure the correct standards are met. When needed I give them feedback on their performance to ensure we are all consistent with marking standards. I also set them targets and ask for scripts to be completed by a specific date. More recently I have found one individual (Sarah) is not meeting the required standard and I have advised her I will not be needing her for our next sitting. She has claimed she is going to take me to Employment Tribunal, is this possible? as each sitting had separate agreements. I am sure you have to be an employee in order to bring a claim. Could you offer me some advice? I need to understand what her employment status is and whether my existing arrangement could be continued? Brian Benton Business ManagerEmail 2: From Susan Marshall (Marketing)Hi, My name is Susan, and I work in the marketing team, responsible for over fifteen members of staff. Sadia Khan, a marketing assistant has just approached me about a recent incident. As Sadia went to the canteen to make tea, she alleges a group of male employees giggling over what she describes as “pornographic images”. She was offended by this, but when I spoke to the male employees they claim, “It was our break and it is up to us what we do”. Sadia has struggled to fit in and recently she requested time off for Hajj (Religious pilgrimage), which I had to refuse as we are in the middle of a huge marketing campaign. Budgets are tight so I cannot source cover and more importantly, the number of days Saida has had off to look after her disabled daughter has caused me a number of issues.Could you please advise what Sadia’s rights are, and how I should handle this incident? I also seek guidance on other issues related to Sadia’s absence /leave requests.Email 3: From Steve Jones Help-desk ManagerWe have just received an ET1 form, regarding the recent dismissal of Jodi Phillips. Jodi had been employed on the reception helpdesk, with over ten years’ service and no previous disciplinary record. If you need any help to complete the ET3, please speak to me, as I was present during the disciplinary hearing. In short, the allegation was related to her conduct and her abusive language to one of the students. Apparently, she was rude to a student making jokes about his homosexuality. The student raised a complaint, others sitting at the helpdesk never heard the exact words but did sense some tension and angry exchanges taking place. When I conducted the investigation, I was told by another colleague that Jodi often makes derogatory remarks about homosexuals, but they just ignore her. Although, Jodi was dismissed I am a bit worried we may have missed something as it turns out that the student was not actually a homosexual. Could you please advise, what our position would be and what claims we need to be aware of?Steve Jones.Help-Desk ManagerMeeting Request 4: To Claire Walters HR Manager Hi, We have some changes being introduced across the business and redundancy selection procedures will need to be applied for the teaching teams. I realise some of our managers are nervous about knowing how to manage the redundancy exercise, without breaching the law. Could you please advise on the legal obligations and risk in relation to the following? How is redundancy defined?
What are the rules about consultation – as I have another two offices 100 miles away and want to make 18 staff redundant at each office. (Total redundancies in three offices is 54)
How is the redundancy, calculated?
RegardsManagement Team (Teaching division)Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:By the end of this module, students will be able to: 1. To be able to apply employment law to people management situations 2. To give accurate and compliant advice on employment law to line managers 3. To critically evaluate the impact of employment law on the employment relationship 4. To critically evaluate the developments in employment law Presentation Requirements: Word Count: 3000 words. This does not have to be split equally between each of the answers. Referencing, please quote cases and statute with full details in your bibliography. Font -Arial. Size: 12 Line Spacing: Double Diagrams, figures and tables may be included (and these do not contribute to the word count).
Requirements: 3000   |   .doc file

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