DirectionsRead the scenario below carefully, and then research the tax issues .

DirectionsRead the scenario below carefully,
and then research the tax issues . Communicate
your conclusions and provide supportive analysis in the format of a tax
file memo submitted as a Microsoft Word document (see the sample memo
provided in the Course Documents section of the course). Remember, the
conclusion section will be a clear and concise statement of your
findings – usually just a few sentences per tax issue. The bulk of your
work will be done in the analysis section, as this is the most important
section of the memo. You should include a detailed review of the
controlling laws and detail the strengths and weaknesses of both sides
of the tax argument(s).Scenario: Robert and
Sandra Martin are married and always have lived in a community property
state. Robert (age 88) suffers from numerous medical disorders and is
frequently ill, while Sandra (age 74) is in good health. The Martins
currently need $600,000 to meet living expenses, make debt payments, and
pay Robert’s backlog of medical expenses. They are willing to sell any
one of the following assets. Adjusted BasisFair Market ValueWren Corporation stock$250,000$600,000Gull Corporation stock750,000600,000Unimproved land700,000600,000The
stock investments are part of the Martins’ community property, while
the land is Robert’s separate property that he inherited from his
mother. If the land is not sold, Robert is considering making a gift of
it to Sandra. Write a memo for the tax research file addressing each
property and recommending a tax-effective course of action.Assignment Submission Requirements
Responses must adhere to the following formatting guidelines:
● Microsoft Word document or appropriate reporting application specified in the
● Double spacing
● 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font
● One-inch margins
● APA in-text citations
● An APA reference list for qualitative responses
● Show work for all questions that require computations.
Requirements: 4-5 pages   |   .doc file

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