MECM90024 Strategic Content Creation – Assessment GuideSemester 2, 2021Assignmen

MECM90024 Strategic Content Creation – Assessment GuideSemester 2, 2021Assignment 1 (20%): Research and Content Strategy ReportWords: 1,000 (+/- 10%)Due: 11:59 pm Monday 23rd August 2021. Submit as a .doc or .docx fileThis is an individual assignment.This assignment consists of:Research and Content Strategy Report
Choose a client from the Client List – please note, this is the same client you will use for all three assignments in this course. Using the short client brief and your own independent research, analyse your client’s current marketing strategy applying what you have learned from the subject. You will then suggest some ideas for a new content strategy including primary and secondary communication objectives, a key benefit claim, and a creative idea. Your report needs to consider the following:1. Analysis of current client marketing strategy and issue – 350 words (+/- 10%)a. Competitive Landscape and Brand positioning (Week 2)b. Brand personality (Week 3) c. Target audience (Week 2) d. Current marketing issueEvaluation of current strategy – 300 words (+/- 10%)Weaknesses and strengths
Primary and secondary communication objectives (Traditional pyramid model and/or 5A consumer paths framework) (Week 1)
Key benefit claim (Week 4)
Conveyor (Week 4)
Creative idea for YouTube video (Week 4)
3. Content strategy suggestion for a new media campaign – 350 words (+/- 10%) Please suggest a creative idea suitable for a short YouTube marketing video.
Requirements: 1000

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