Read and consult Backman, Cultures of the West, pp. 24 – 44. Then review and con

Read and consult Backman, Cultures of the West, pp. 24 – 44. Then review and consult Jones, Lecture WC 3 about Bronze Age Egypt.Write a paper comparing and contrasting how Backman and Jones present Egyptian civilization during the Bronze Age. Provide specific examples of how Backman and Jones agree and how they disagree about general and/or specific aspects about ancient Egypt. Do you think Backman and Jones’ assessments about Egyptian culture are generally similar or different? Is one or the other’s characterization of Egyptian society optimistic, or pessimistic? Explain. Based on what you’ve read and listened to, share your own impressions about one or more aspects of Bronze Age Egyptian culture that you find interesting.Your Writing Assignment paper should closely approach but not exceed 500 words in length. That’s approximately 3 pages typed using 12 font, Times Roman, double spaced, with 1” margins. Use Word Count on your computer to make sure your paper is of proper length before turning it in. Draw only on the Backman text and Jones lecture to complete this assignment. Do not surf the web to generate additional material for the paper.Write the essay in your own words. Use the following citation style for the textbook and my lecture. If you cite a specific fact or paraphrase a passage, then after the sentence put the following in parentheses: (Backman + page number) or (Jones + the lecture). I will allow two short direct quotations in the essay. If you directly quote Backman or Jones, put double quotation marks around the words quoted. Then cite the author and work in parentheses following the sentence.
Requirements: 500+

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