For this project, you will consider your home country, and examine how materials

For this project, you will consider your home country, and examine how materials from
this course apply to your home country practice of sustainability. You will prepare a short
800 – 1000-word paper.
Through this short reflective paper, you will be summarizing what you see as a way to
impact your home country positively by promoting sustainable development there.
Evaluation Details:
1. Introduction: Include a description of sustainability practice in your home
country, and area of concentration. (20 marks)
2. Discuss the tension between economic and environmental concerns in your
home country. How do these tensions affect decision making and general policy? Provide
an example to illustrate your argument. (20 marks)
3. What do you see as the next step that can be taken to help ensure Sustainable
Prosperity in your home country? (20 marks)
4. Overall quality (10 marks)
-For these marks, I am looking for clear writing, no major spelling or grammar mistakes,
and a general sense of the originality, effort, time, and thought you put into this paper.
Please Note: A reference list (APA style) is required. All questions must be answered.
5. Presentation and discussion marks (15 marks)
-Clearly present your study (only 5 minutes by one member and not use of any videos) to
your peers and encourage discussion afterwards (10 marks).
-Participate in discussions after other group(s) presentations (5 marks).
For more information about citation please visit Alexander College learning and
writing center site.
Requirements: 5 pages   |   .doc file

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