Module 05Content PPA I OVERVIEW LOCATION: UNIVERSITY CLINIC ASSOCIATES This week you will turn in your final project. As a part of this assignment you will write/create a PowerPoint presentation or a memo for the financial manager of University Clinic Associates with conclusions and recommendations. Remember to refer to the information in Module 02 for the scenario. Requirements to Include in Your Presentation Using the above pieces of information prepare a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) or a memo (at least two pages) including the following: An introduction. Who are you? Why were you hired? What type of services/codes did you audit?? An interpretation and description of the findings in Table 1 in theModule 02 Introduction to Audit Project. Did the clinic over or under charge overall? What is the total amount? A well-written conclusion to the financial manager based on your findings including examples of the errors found. Which codes were over coded thus over billed? Which were under coded thus under billed? Include at least one over coded example and one under coded example. Explain what these codes are. Provide specific recommendations Research and provide at least four ideas/changes the clinic can implement to improve coding accuracy. Each idea should be specific and include supporting reasoning for why the change would improve Evaluation and Management coding at this clinic. Include citations for the sources you used. A conclusion. What follow-up do you recommend? Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check theCourse Calendarfor specific due dates

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