Minority, marginalized and vulnerable populations have been known to face more c

Minority marginalized and vulnerable populations have been known to face more challenges accessing quality healthcare. In this Assignment you will explore how a systems approach to coordinating care can help meet the needs of these populations. Assignment Details Create a PowerPoint presentation with at least eight (8) slides of content that you can use to inform your organization about the challenges faced by underserved populations in the community. Choose a minority marginalized or vulnerable population. Describe at least two challenges they face with accessing and moving through the healthcare system (uninsured underinsured low literacy language barrier etc.). Discuss how a systems approach to proper care coordination would positively impact the challenges you identified. Describe how this approach will meet the patients needs priorities and expectations. How can raising the standard of care for underserved populations affect the health care system as a whole? Requirements Your submission is created in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. To meet the objective requirements your presentation is at least 8 slides in length and a minimum of 450 words. Your submission includes specific examples of concepts topics definitions and other elements to demonstrate mastery of the objective. Your submission includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose. Your response is in Standard English and demonstrates superior organization. Your communication is highly ordered logical and unified as well as original and insightful. Your submission displays exceptional content organization style and mechanics. A separate slide at the end of your presentation contains a list of references. Include both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources used following proper APA citation style. Please review the APA formatting and citation style in Academic Tools “ Academic Writer. I am not sure if you can use the Prof.s template with power point. I will put anyway Assignment Title Student Name Course Code “ Number Course Name Date Instructor Name Title Your Paper Please match your title page and the title on page 2. Do not use the actual word Introduction to title your paper. Begin writing your opening or introduction section under your paper title. This section should include the main themes or topics you will specifically address with integrated literature support. Double space the entire document. Be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph by pressing the ˜Tab key one time on the keyboard. Note: Not all assignments will require the use of section subheadings but some may. The Level 1 and 2 Heading examples are provided here to help guide you when using subheadings. Level 1 Heading Paragraphs should be fully developed with at least three well-thought out complete sentences with integrated literature support. Try to avoid placing one reference at the very end of your paragraphs. Integrate the literature so the reader understands what part of the paragraph is supported by the citation. Please make sure you include citation(s) from the literature. Whenever words such as literature research study or studies are mentioned in a narrative or you provide numerical/statistical information you should use in-text citations. If the word examples in italics above are plural then at least two citations are needed. If these words are singular then one is needed. Level 2 Heading Begin your Level 2 content with a fully developed paragraph and provide leverage from the literature to support your statements assertions claims rationale etc. With any subheadings such as Level 2 3 etc. you need at least two of each subheading. If you plan to use Level 2 headings make sure your Level 1 includes content before creating a Level 2. A Level 2 heading should serve as an expansion of your Level 1 content and provide more details. Level 2 Heading Again if you use Level 2 headings make sure you have at least two Level 2 headings. As a scholarly writing tip please try to avoid colloquial expressions slang conversational writing and anthropomorphisms. Anthropomorphisms give inanimate objects human attributes. You want to make sure your writing is precise and clear in your intent to demonstrate your scholarly tone (refer to the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual). Level 1 Heading You may decide to use only Level 1 headings in your papers especially if your papers are only a few pages. Try to avoid using this author this student this writer etc. You do not need to refer to yourself when you are the one writing the paper unless the paper calls for use of first person. Then you can simply write I or me etc. if you write in first person. When you write in third person focus on demonstrating your analysis and voice through the literature. Leverage the literature to support your position and rationale. Using this author or this writer is really neither first nor third person. Conclusion Make sure you include a conclusion in your course assignments. A conclusion helps you summarize and emphasize the main themes in your paper. Please review your paper again to make sure you addressed any basic writing and/or APA errors. References Bojinova E. & Oigara J. (2013). Teaching and learning with clickers in higher education. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 25(2) 154-165. Furco A. & Moely B. E. (2012). Using learning communities

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