Module 04 Content For this module, well be fleshing out your work from previous

Module 04 Content For this module well be fleshing out your work from previous weeks to complete a rough draft of your final project. You have already identified your topic and the social media choices for your project and done research on comparable brands or sites. Now its time to get it all ready. This week you should spend more time researching comparable options on your social media choices. Then its time to put it together! First you should put together your overview of the project. This starts with the description of your business or brand. Write about what it is and what you want for it and add the research you have found on comparable businesses or brands. Then what are the goals you have for the business or brand? What are your general goals with social media for it? What audience are you aiming to reach? Now on to the social media aspect of the project. If you have a real business brand or site to work on you can start by putting the site profiles into the 4 social media sites youve chosen (e.g. Facebook Twitter etc.). Screenshots will work for these that you have really made. If you dont really have a business or brand you do not need to create faux profiles. However you should write the information you would include in your profile for each one. Then for each social media site write about your goal for that site how you will accomplish them and some ideas for posts or pins. Who is your audience? When and where can you best reach them? How can you really use social media to work for you? This project should have at least 1-2 pages for your overview and then approximately 1-2 pages per social media site. So the draft will be 5 “ 10 pages long. There will be the option to present your project to your instructor and class next week in the live classroom so begin thinking about if this is something youd like to do. Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check theCourse Calendarfor specific due dates.

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