Module 04 Content Purpose of Assignment: Writing a Competency Statement will de

Module 04 Content Purpose of Assignment: Writing a Competency Statement will demonstrate awareness of best behavior guidance practice through research and assessment providing a reference for the educators understanding and application. This written reflective competency statement aligns with the Council for Professional Recognitions Standard III:To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance and is a required element in the CDA Professional Portfolio. Course Competency: Identify fundamental child development and learning theories. Instructions: Content: Begin your reflective statement with a paragraph introducing how your practices as an educator meet this standard. Then write at least one paragraph on each of the items below using the labels CS-III-a and CS-III-b. The entire statement should be between 300 and 500 words in length. Visualize and explain what you would do and how you would meet these standards as an early childhood educator. CS-III-a: Describe some of the ways you support the development of childrens positive self-concepts and growing social/emotional skills. CS-III-b: Reflect on your philosophy of guiding young childrens positive behaviors. How is your professional philosophy similar or different from how you were guided as a child? How do you constructively deal with young childrens challenging behaviors? Format: Be sure the format and organization of your written reflection are clear and includes: The titleCompetency Statement: CS-III Your name Proper spelling and grammar If you are applying for the CDA Credential:After you receive feedback from your instructor and make the necessary changes from that feedback place thisResource Collection/Portfolio Assignment in your CDA Professional Portfolio. You can find instructions to set up your portfolio in the CDA Credential Guide at Https:// Resources: Through theSOE guide created just for our program the School of Education offers access to a wealth of early childhood education resources including articles and videos tutoring services website links and assistance from a librarian to support your writing growth. Microsoft Office

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