Payroll Transactions

Module 05 Content QB Cloud has become quite successful over the past months so youve decided to hire two part-time employees to assist you with sales and office duties. In researching your computerized accounting program youve found that it doesnt include the options to perform payroll calculations and print paychecks. To computerize the payroll calculations and assist you in drafting the journal entries you decide to use Microsoft Excel for the necessary payroll functions. Complete the following using theModule 05 Payroll Transactions template Calculate payroll for Karen Rodriguez and Adam Seyd for the June 14thand June 28thpayrolls. These employees are paid bi-weekly meaning every other week. Journalize the transactions necessary to record the payroll. Address the following questions: What is the total cost to the company of having these two employees for the month of June? What additional costs would be associated with adding one more employee for 10 hours per week at $15 per hour? Would it be more beneficial to add an additional part time employee or distribute the additional hours needed to the current part time employees? Explain. Module 05 Payroll Transactions template The following information will be necessary in your calculations: Employee Information: Karen Rodriguez $18/hour hourly rate June 14 24 hours worked June 28 22 hours worked Adam Seyd $16/hour hourly rate June 14 15 hours worked June 28 20 hours worked Additional Tax and Withholding Information: Employee Responsibility Federal Income Tax: 10% of gross pay State Income Tax 5% of gross pay FICA Tax 7.65% of gross pay Employer Responsibility FICA Tax 7.65% of gross pay State Unemployment none 2% of gross pay Federal Unemployment 0.8% of gross pay

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