Name: INSERT NAME HERE  Response Assignment 20% of course grade  DIRECTIONS: T

Name: INSERT NAME HERE Response Assignment 20% of course grade DIRECTIONS: This assignment is a response to Melton A. McLaurins Celia A Slave. To complete this assignment you must fully answer the below short-answer questions using specific details from the book. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO USE THE BOOK”ANY USE OF OUTSIDE SOURCES (INCLUDING INTERNET SOURCES) WILL RESULT IN A POINT DEDUCTION OF AT LEAST TEN PERCENTAGE POINTS (AND COULD POSSIBLY RESULT IN A ZERO)! Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to make sure you have read and understood the book so be as specific as possible and avoid vagueness! You should write a full paragraph (10-15 sentences sentences) for each question. Each question is worth 20 points for a total of 100 points (25% of your course grade). Please use this sheet and TYPE your answers. To submit this assignment you must submit as a Word document (.doc or .docx) 1. Why did Robert Newsom purchase Celia? What evidence do we have to prove his intentions with purchasing Celia? INSERT ANSWER HERE2. Describe the final moments between Newsom and Celia. What did Celia do and how did she try to cover it up? INSERT ANSWER HERE3. Discuss the relationship between Celia and George. What role did George play in the events that unfolded after Newsoms disappearance? INSERT ANSWER HERE4. Describe Celias defense attorney and his strategy during the trial. Did his strategy work? Why or why not? What was the jurys verdict? INSERT ANSWER HERE5. What broader conclusions does the author draw from the case of Celia? What conclusions can be drawn from the case about the institution of slavery and the racial hierarchy in the South? INSERT ANSWER HERE

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