One of the most important parts about studying history is the perspective it giv

One of the most important parts about studying history is the perspective it gives us on what is happening in our world and life today. We can look at current news and compare and or contrast it to something of the past and gain insight about it. For this assignment you will find a current U.S. news article (published within the past year) and relate it to an event person or theme we have covered in our course. Come up with three clear ways the current event relates to the class and present your ideas to the class in a presentation (think of using Powerpoint Prezi(Links to an external site.) or Google slides(Links to an external site.)). The presentation should be at least 5 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes. There are a number of ways to record and upload your presentation the easiest and cheapest (free!) is SCREENCAST-O-MATIC: to an external site.) You can also record yourself speaking using the in-Canvas tools by clicking on the Record/Upload Media icon and then attach a slide presentation separately. YouTube can also be used to upload a video. You can be creative in how you create the presentation as long as we can audiblyhear you and see some slides relaying the key points of your presentation. Your presentation should include: 1. The name publication date and author of the current event article you chose. 2. A very brief summary of the article. “ Why did you choose this event? What is interesting or striking about it to you? 3. Analysis of how the current event relates to something specific from the course. “ Since we are relating it to a theme person or event give a brief background summary of that. Then you can do a compare/contrast type of analysis.

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