Please read instructions carefully and follow sample for guide in the attached d

Please read instructions carefully and follow sample for guide in the attached document
Using resources provided in this course, evidence from published research, and ethical principles, students will create an evidence-based health care policy brief. The purpose of this brief is to allow students experience with creating a brief that can be given to a policymaker to change current laws or policies of organizations. It is not intended to be a hospital or clinic policy on “how we do this or that procedure”.
Rather, the goal is for students to look at the big picture of policy creation at the state or national level. For example, you may be interested in the limitation of psychotropic medications prescribed to elderly nursing home residents as chemical restraints. In this case, you would create a policy based on the physical and social dangers that these drugs pose to elderly persons and potential solutions to this problem such as mandatory documentation of failed behavioral modification techniques and an evaluation by a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist. You could include a requirement for oversight by an existing organization and suggest imposing stiff fines for facilities that do not meet the standards such as removal of Medicare funding. You would present this brief and the elevator speech to the policymaker as part of a visit with them in their district or Lobby Day for your organization in your state capitol or in DC.
This brief will be between one to two pages in length, have at least three peer-reviewed references, and will be composed in APA style. In addition to the brief, students will develop an “elevator speech” for use with policymakers. This is a concise four or five-sentence bullet-point summation of the problem, the desired intervention, and the expected outcome of the proposed policy. The paper must follow the format posted on Canvas, and must be written according to APA style, including citation format and references. Please refer to the APA Manual (6th ed.) and/or the website: (Links to an external site.)
Students may use the topic from their ethical analysis paper or any of the discussion board case topics for this assignment. If none of these topics are of interest, the student may select another topic as long as it is a nursing problem and there is published research or systematic reviews on the topic. If you are in doubt about your topic, please email me so we can discuss by email, Zoom, or phone.
I have uploaded copies of some policy briefs onto the module that I have written for national level policies. These briefs are actually Policy Statements or Committee Opinions that I have drafted. These are usually done as a team of two or more professionals. Your assignment is more of short paper but you can use bullet points in APA style so feel free to do that if you like. The Mental Health America policy is written in Yale style which is neither APA of AMA so if the references look unusual that why. The policies from ACNM are written in AMA style so they may look different to you than APA style. Many NP journals use AMA style but at USF, APA is standard. I will not accept papers that have more than 3 APA, spelling, or grammatical errors. Direct quotes are not used in policy briefs.
Below are some examples of potential topics you may choose, or choose one you are passionate about:
Allocation of adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.
Expansion of clinical practice roles and responsibilities for RNs and NPs during a pandemic.
Creation of a state-wide protocol for ventilator allocation during a pandemic.
Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in California and Health Effects on Children and Adolescents
Escalation of Deaths of Despair Rates in US (suicide, alcoholic liver disease, drug overdose)
Disparities in Maternal Mortality in US in African American Women
Psychotropic Medication Use as Chemical Restraints for Elderly Individuals in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Supervisory Language within the Nurse Practice Act (or Equivalence) in Various States Within the U.S. and the Effects on Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practice
Escalating Tuition Costs and High Interest Rates on Nursing Student Loans
Nursing License Compacts In Some States
ANA Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Standards
Effects of California Wildfire on Mental and Physical Health of First Responders and Victims
Climate Change and Effects on Population Health

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