To view movie use link:

To view movie use link:
This paper will be a typed MLA theatrical response to the production of your choice.
Using the MLA format style, please be clear, honest, and look over your paper for any spelling errors and incomplete thoughts or new ideas. Be specific and give detailed examples.
Please do not just state, “ I liked it . . . or this was good . . . or that was great” without any description, discussion, and explanation of why you enjoyed/disliked the production. You need to answer the questions of: Why did I like/dislike it? What made it unique or memorable? What little details did I notice?
2 -3 pages MLA Formatted.
*Do not use first person – “I” (i.e., instead of stating “I thought the costumes were. . . just simply say “The costumes were . . .”)
-2 per each use of first person within the paper.
*Do not just summarize the plot or moment to moment action in the play, rather focus and speak to the three main points below.
THREE MAJOR POINTS TO COVER: (not in any specific order)
1. Production Quality — evaluation, description & analysis of theatrical elements such as acting, directing, etc.
2. Message of the Plays–discussion of theme(s) or meaning
3. Impact of the message and the production values on the audience.
A few questions to help you in the discovery of the “big picture” or message of the play: What did the plays reveal to you on a personal level? Were there any outstanding moments in each play that you connected with?
Was there any specific dialogue, music or sounds that captured your ears?
Analysis of the actual production:
How did the design elements work to assist the plot? How did the actors engage with the design elements? What did you think were the director’s and the actor’s interpretations of the play? For further reference on theatrical elements, please see pages 21-23 in the Unit 1, Chapter 4 study guide, and see Chapter 4 on writing the theatrical review.
Final thoughts:
Use the “World of the Play” to help be your guide. Did the plays surprise you? Did you understand the interpretation of the plays? Did you believe it?
Were you emotionally or intellectually connected to the performances?
*When finished with essay write on a new page answer to this question below*
Respond to TWO of the following topics.
******Please start from the start, which production you viewed, where and when******
Topic 1. Comment on the Costumes/Makeup & Choose one Actor from the production.
Topic 2. Comment on the Sound/Lighting & Choose one Actor from the production.
Topic 3. Comment on the Directing & Choose one Actor from the production.
Topic 4. Comment on the Playwriting & Themes of the play.
Topic 5. Comment on the Setting/Environment and Choose one Actor from the production.

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