· As an Enrollment Counselor at WGU, it’s important to have a strong WHY

As an Enrollment Counselor at WGU, it’s important to have a strong WHY as you help students achieve their academic dreams by guiding them through the enrollment process. We also believe that our work with students helps them to do that, no matter what the obstacle or life challenge. 
To help you focus on student success, we’d like you to develop a WHY statement.  This statement will remind you, in challenging situations, why you took on the role, why
your impact on a student’s academic journey matters, and why, no matter how many challenges a student faces, you must never give up on that student.  
In order to weather the storms or the academic journey, it’s important to have a WHY-that-makes-you-cry.  Please watch the videos below to
gain better insight into starting with the WHY, what our students define as their WHY, and how to create your own WHY. 
Once you’ve watched the videos below, create your own WHY statement, and record your WHY statement using your WGU laptop’s webcam. Please
limit your recording to the duration of 60 to 90 seconds and upload your WHY statement recording into Bridge. Instructions for creating the video can be found below. Please work with your trainer should you have any additional questions about producing the
recording or submitting it in Bridge.
Prior to creating your WHY statement, please do the following:  
Review WGU’s Mission, Promise and Foundation which can be found here.
Start with WHY
both from Simon Sinek  
Watch the  Amanda
Lisonbee Commencement Speech 
How to Create Your WHY Statement:
As you create your WHY, remember to think about the WGU WHY, “we change the lives of individuals and families.”
Consider how your WHY connects with what we are doing at WGU. 
To receive credit for this assignment, please do the following:
Develop your WHY statement
The learner presents their personal WHY in a pre-recorded video 60 secs, highlighting why they took on the role, why their impact on a student’s academic journey matters, and why they will not give up on our students. The why statement shows an understanding of the WGU Culture, WHY and leadership principles
1. Admit your mistakes.
2. Be a good listener.
3. Be innovative.
4. Communicate.
5. Continuously brush-up on your leadership skills.
6. Create common values.
7. Embrace change.
8. Lead by example.
9. Make everyone feel important.
10. Promote a diverse work environment.
11. Work as a team.

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