Research essay is at least five pages in length, is to be written in MLA format

Research essay is at least five pages in length, is to be written in MLA format, and is due Monday, May 9th. You will submit it in to Canvas, and the research essay will have a 24-hour grace period for submissions and are accepted with a late penalty of 10% of the total points per calendar day after that. The best way to plan for the unexpected is to get an early start on this assignment.
Students must use at least two primary sources and two secondary sources for a total of four sources. Include a Work Cited page. Students are welcome to use the sources that are provided in this class. Students are also encouraged to use the SWC library page to conduct their research. Except for the introduction page, each page should have at least four in-text quotations, and try to refrain from using quotes that exceed five lines.
Students are required to find one scholarly book to provide a historical background and to get a deeper grasp of the topic they are writing about. Look for examples of scholarly books below. The books listed below are suggestions, you are free to find a scholarly book on your own.
Students will write a research essay based on the six broad topics above. Your essay will include observations and reflections on a theme that you think is especially important in this class. Below are the themes with suggested readings (primary & secondary sources):

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