History 102 (World history from 1500 BC to modern days). About 600-700 words for

History 102 (World history from 1500 BC to modern days).
About 600-700 words for the main discussion post, and a sentence or two for each question about the articles.
1. Read the attached articles and answer the following questions (for every article, four in total)
-Is this article in favor of or against the purchase of Alaska?
-What are the primary reasons given for this opinion?
-Do you think the reasons adequately support the opinion? Why or why not?
2. Alaska Purchase Main Discussion.
You should now have read and responded to discussion questions pertaining to 4 contemporary articles reporting on the purchase of Alaska. Based on your analysis of these documents, provide a discussion response to the following questions. Please remember that this is a major assignment in this course so your answers should represent your best work. Also keep in mind that you must post responses to the answers of at least 2 of your peers.
1. These articles were all published in large-circulation newspapers around 150 years ago. What are some of the major differences you noticed between newspaper articles then, and those published now?
2. Which article made the least convincing argument relating to the purchase of Alaska? Why were you not convinced by this type of argumentation?
3. Which article made the most persuasive argument relating to the purchase of Alaska (whether you agree with it or not)? Why do you think this article was the most convincing?

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