Write an Introduction for a Research Report. An ethics form with some informatio

Write an Introduction for a Research Report. An ethics form with some information will be provided. Do research on marketing issues webnovel companies have (tapas,webnovel,webtoon) and include them as asked. If there isnt any information provided for a part of the introduction, you may make it up as long as it makes sense.
what research problem you have identified that you would like to pursue further
in this research. If you have chosen a company; provide a background of the
company e.g. history, number and distribution of employees and operations,
sector, products/services provided, any major marketing issues etc. As part of
this description include your resulting a well-formulated research question,
aims and objectives. You should also include a brief overview of key marketing
literature to help illuminate the research question. You should provide a brief
explanation how this question has been derived from the context of your
marketing theme and what are the key concepts that the question covers. It
should also outline the scope of the research, summarising the nature of the
marketing issue(s), the rationale behind pursuing such an investigation and any
personal motivations.
This chapter outlines an excellent-outstanding overview of
what the research problem is with an excellent use of referencing to support
where the significance of the research problem has come from. The research
aim/question and the 3-4 objectives have been developed with an
excellent-outstanding level of coherency/link of the underpinning of the
objectives to the research aim/question. The scope of the research is provided
along with the marketing issue(s) and how it links to the marketing pathway.
There is an excellent-outstanding rationale provided to pursuing such an
investigation and the personal motivations have been addressed.

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