1) Visit Victorian Web (http://www.victorianweb.org) and gather informat

1) Visit Victorian Web (http://www.victorianweb.org) and gather information about the different literary genres on this period.
2) Write down a short summary describing the main literary genres developed during the Victorian period, their characteristics and some of the most relevant figures/works.
Extension: 300 – 600 words (respect the minimum required)
· Do not explain what the page is about or how it is structured: your summary must be strictly about the most popular literary genres in Victorian times, according to the information provided on the webpage given.
· Do not mistake ‘literary genres’ with ‘literary modes.’ They are not the same thing.
· Make your composition coherent, making sure it contains the most relevant (though general) information about all the genres. You do not need to include absolutely everything (it would be impossible), but the result must be legible, clear, organised and informative.
· Do not simply copy and paste information: condense and summarise it.

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