APPLYING PSYCHOLOGY PAPER Why are you taking an introductory psychology course?

Why are you taking an introductory psychology course? Does it have applicability
to your desired career plans? Might it have relevance to your major? For this
assignment, write about how taking an introductory psychology course is
beneficial to you with respect to EITHER your intended major OR career.
Specifically, write about how three (3) different psychological concepts or theories
apply to your intended major or career. For each concept or theory:
1. Name the concept or theory (you are welcome to clear your ideas with me before
you start, to be sure that you fully understand the assignment).
2. Briefly describe the concept or theory, using your text or another source to
provide the information (be sure to cite the sources you use–see Nuts & Bolts for
details). Make it clear you know what you are writing about! You may quote a
definition, but then you must follow it by explaining the concept in your own
words, too.
3. Describe how this concept or theory relates to your major or career. If you are a
psychology major, you should relate it to a possible career interest of yours.
Don’t skimp here! This part of the assignment will generate most of your writing
and should be thoughtfully prepared.
Reality Check: Be sure to address all of points 1, 2, and 3 for each of your three concepts/theories, or
I won’t have anything to grade.
Important: Find one source to support your writing about each concept or
theory (at least one source needs to be scholarly)
Also Important: Your paper must include AT LEAST ONE THEORY
Turn in this paper at the Applying Psychology Paper Assignment folder on
eCampus. It will be worth 200 points, and due Week 13 by class time.
(Over for Nuts & Bolts Information)
CONTENT. Papers will be evaluated based on how well you’ve demonstrated your understanding
of the concepts or theories as well as your ability to apply it to your intended major or career. On
average, students have turned in 3 ½ to 4 double-spaced pages (before references) for this
GRADING. This paper will be graded based on how thoughtful, developed, and well written it is.
Presentation of ideas, precision, clarity, grammar, punctuation, typing accuracy, etc., will all factor
in your grade. See the Applying Psychology Paper Rubric attached to this assignment for more
TEXTBOOK. You may use your textbook as a source, but your textbook does not count as one of
your three sources. That is, you must still find three sources on your own to use in your paper.
YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO QUOTE ONLY DEFINITIONS. You will need to paraphrase the rest of
the information you include, documenting fully using an established system for referencing (i.e.,
APA, MLA, or Chicago Style).
 If you quote, be sure to quote correctly (use the exact words of the original source, put
quotation marks around the quotation, and include the page or paragraph number where the
original words can be found).
 Important: See handouts on eCampus for important distinctions between citation, quotation,
paraphrasing, and plagiarism! You can also talk with professor about this.
 Note that all established systems for referencing include a bibliography, reference page, or
works cited page.
Important: You need a bibliography, reference page, or works cited page.
TURNITIN. Your paper will be checked for originality using Turnitin (, a
Web-based resource that compares the text of student papers to an extensive electronic database
(including papers turned in for this assignment in past semesters). Please see the handouts on our
eCampus website for instructions on avoiding plagiarism and properly documenting your sources.
Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of 0.
EFFECT. The submission of the same (or essentially the same) paper for two separate courses
without the expressed permission of all faculty members involved is against University policy.
This paper connects with Learning Outcomes 1 & 3, and Psychology Goals 1 & 4.
(My career plans is to graduate college and pursue a career in forensic science. Please write about how psychology may apply to my future career and make sure to incorporate 3 psychological theories in the paper)*****

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