Select one of the topics below and write an essay of at least 1,800 words. All p

Select one of the topics below and write an essay of at least 1,800 words. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, with standard margins and fonts. You are required to use at least four secondary sources for this paper. Any secondary sources should be authoritative: recognized scholars in the field, published in academic journals, by university presses or other reputable publishers. It is your responsibility to make sure that your sources are authoritative. (Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.) All sources, both primary and secondary, should be cited according to MLA form. If you are not familiar with MLA form, get a handout from the Writing Center, consult a style manual, or go to the website.
TOPIC 1. Write a paper in which you analyze Frankenstein by Mary Shelley as an example of Romanticism. As a point of comparison, you may want to discuss the work of other Romantics, like John Keats, George Gordon Lord Byron, or Percy Shelley, in relation to Mary Shelley. Be specific in your discussion. Quote as needed.
TOPIC 2. Analyze the way William Shakespeare portrays women in Macbeth. Focus on such issues as character development, character interaction, and dialogue. You may want to place your discussion in the larger context of the role women played in Elizabethan society in general. Be specific in your discussion. Quote from the play as needed.
TOPIC 3. Sylvia Plath is known for writing confessional poetry, highly subjective poetry that uses the poet’s autobiography as the basis for her work. We read “Morning Song,” “The Applicant,” and “Daddy.” Using these poems or others, write a paper in which you analyze the way Plath uses details of her own life as the inspiration for her work. Be specific in your discussion. Quote from the poetry as needed.
PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional appropriation of an author’s words, phrasing, or ideas. If you are paraphrasing or summarizing, you must be sure to cite the source, and make sure that you use your own words and phrasing, not those of the author. It is your responsibility to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarized papers, even if the plagiarism is unintentional, will receive a zero, and any plagiarism judged to be intentional will result in both academic and disciplinary charges.
NOTE: You should assume that your reader has read the primary works about which you are writing. It is unnecessary to provide plot summary, except where it is absolutely necessary to make a point. I expect analysis and interpretation. That is, focus not on what happens in the narratives but rather on the thematic significance and ideas of the work under discussion.

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