“All citations must be found using search keyterms including “Leadership, Collab

“All citations must be found using search keyterms including “Leadership, Collaboration, Communication, Social Innovation, and Network. One search for example may include “Leadership and Social Innovation”, or “Collaboration, Communication and Network”. You must identify 3 themes common throughout the citations, not necessarilly within all the citations. For example one theme is common between 3-4 citations. Additionally one theme must be a major theme and described as such. The citations must be peer-reviewed articles sourced from scholarly sites such as google scholar as well as been created between the years 2018-2022. After the collection of the citations and identification of the themes, you must write the paper in a Literature Review Format. Please review the “Final Report Prompt” for the full requirements. For the Literature Review Format, see the “Thematic Literature Explained” file. Any questions, please ask me, I am always available.

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