B Both Sharon Moalem and Francis Fukuyama suggest that questions of ethics, mora

Both Sharon Moalem and Francis Fukuyama suggest that questions of ethics, morality, and philosophy are closely bound with issues of biology in their essays, “Changing Our Genes: How Trauma, Bullying, and Royal Jelly Alter Our Genetic Destiny” and “Human Dignity.” One’s traumatic experiences, such as bullying, thus have extended ramifications not only on one’s psyche, but on one’s body as well. Using the insights of both authors, write an outline and essay in which you assess the consequences of bullying.
To help you begin your critical thinking on this assignment, consider these questions: (1) What are the epigenetic consequences of bullying?, (2) How does bullying affect human dignity?, (3) How long do the effects of bullying last?, or (4) Does bullying people diminish their humanity? In the thesis, you need to provide a specific claim and/or argument as it relates to any of these questions. In the essay and outline, you need to assess the emotional and social consequences of bullying, both individually and collectively. In developing your outline, you may find it helpful to establish a link between some of the questions; DO NOT try to respond to each question individually. Your outline and essay must include a discussion of all three essays and not simply a summary of the articles. In other words, your outline and essay must combine personal observations and analysis of both articles. THE ONLY SOURCE YOU CAN USE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS Emerging: Contemporary Readings for Writers. This assignment will be graded, but not revised.
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