Read the questions carefully and make sure you are answering them and not someth

Read the questions carefully and make sure you are answering them and not something else.
You are required to write a college-level paper (not forgetting proper grammar, spelling, margins, etc.) so make an effort to stick to the guidelines. Write a good analysis of the main idea and a closing paragraph for a summary or conclusion (mid-term is worth 20% of your final grade).
Please do not write more than requested and erase the instructions on the template, keeping only the questions and the answers inside the right boxes. Submit ON TIME and avoid the 10% penalty deduction from your grade.
The sad reality today is that the high management of many global companies and corporations is still “male, pale and stale”. In other words, it is predominantly masculine, white, mentally fixed and above middle-age. The situation is slowly changing in light of the understanding that workers in a multicultural organization are more motivated and productive than workers in a “monolithic” organization.
Moreover, it is argued by researchers that a healthier atmosphere and happier workers bring prosperity to the organization as a result of the bond they develop amongst each other and with their place of work.
The positive diversity-prosperity linkage is described here:
Cox, T. “The Multicultural Organization”, The Executive, 5(2), pp. 34-47, 1991. The article is accessible online via the college library.
Read the article carefully and answer the questions using the updated midterm template posted on Bb (under “Course information”). The paper should be between 5-8 pages long. Proofread your work before submitting!

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