Topic: Disparities in Maternal Mortality in US in African American Women – what

Disparities in Maternal Mortality in US in African American Women – what can be done to protect this vulnerable population when healthcare staff and resources are limited due to COVID-19 ?
Students will select a presentation topic from a list provided by faculty or create their own topic with prior approval from faculty. These presentations will demonstrate synthesis of ethical and policy principles (values and conceptual foundations of social welfare and distributive justice) as applied to professional practice or healthcare policy for the population identified. Ethical principles of beneficence, justice, autonomy, non-maleficence, fidelity, and veracity will be clearly defined in the healthcare or professional policy presented. Nursing goals, as outlined in the ANA COE or the International Council of Nurses, are included in the policy presented. Students may use information from their Policy Brief to create their presentation for this assignment. Grading will be done according to the rubric provided below. This is an individual
professional presentation so decorum and delivery of presentation is part of the grade for this assignment. Students will present their presentation by Zoom. Attendance is required.
Please create your presentation using PowerPoint. I do not accept Prezi presentations due to technical difficulties when launching for presentation to the class.
Once submitted, you may not change your presentation.
THE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION MUST BE UPLOADED TO CANVAS BY DUE DATE BEFORE CLASS. The presentation that you submit is the one that is graded, no revisions after submission.
Here are some additional instructions for creating a professional presentation.
1. Prepare your presentation using PowerPoint.
2. Dress appropriately for your presentation, as if you were at a job interview, which increases your credence with viewers. (Viewers don’t want to look at a presenter who looks like they just returned from a week at Burning Man).
3. Be prepared to answer questions from classmates.
4. Review the How to Create Presentation guide in the module.

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