What You are required : The literature review is very detailed and relatively c

What You are required :
The literature review is very detailed and relatively comprehensive but a bit too general.
You should focus on Maier’s quote: turnover, satisfaction, training and vision in hospitality.
Do not try to present leadership in general, that has already been done before.
You should only present the aspects that Maier emphasizes.
The entire literature review should be about hospitality leadership and performance.
The analysis and recommendations should come directly from this literature review + your experience
Old Requirement :
“A key issue in improving guest services is the ability of leaders in our hospitality industry to retain workers for the long term, providing employers greater opportunities to train their employees and engage them in the process of cocreating the vision and objectives of the business” (Maier, 2009, p.110).
To what extent do you agree with Maier’s statement? In justifying your answer explain the relevance that leadership can play in the successful operation and management of the tourism and hospitality industries. Use examples to justify your argument.
Write a 4000-word report that answers the question above and outlines the relevance of leadership to our industry, the tourism and hospitality industries. Prefaced with a literature review, including discussion of theoretical concepts and relevant case studies that examine the importance of leadership within the Tourism and Hospitality sectors.
The structure of the report should contain, an executive summary, a literature review, an analysis and discussion of content, and conclusions with recommendations.
The report could include:
An introduction outlining the essence of leadership (or what leadership is). A discussion on leadership theories and their relevance to management. Issues on change management, negotiation, problem solving, decision making and transformational leadership. Then a section on leadership implementation in the tourism and hospitality industries followed by conclusions and recommendations.
Assessment Criteria
Evidence & depth of research
Identification and evaluation of leadership
Discussion & analysis
Evaluation of leadership strategies within industry
Linking of conclusions and recommendations
This report is about the tourism and hospitality industries

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